Keepers Collective

Luxe Face & Hair Oil


Originating in Snoqualmie Washington, Keepers Collective was born from the desire to share the passion for bees and grow awareness around the importance of pollinator stewardship to younger generations. Every Keepers Collective purchase helps with the continued care and protection of their own honey bee apiary and wild bees.

We are proud to carry Keepers Collective at Station 7.

Our Luxe Face & Hair Oil is perfect if you’ve been craving a simple yet effective moisturizer for your skin and scalp. 

* Jojoba Oil contains high amounts of Vitamin E - ideal for fading scars or stretch marks. It’s also non comedogenic, so your skin can get the deep hydration it needs, without clogging pores.

* Antioxidant-rich Cranberry and Pomegranate Oils leave your skin feeling supple while reducing inflammation. 

* Calendula works to effectively boost skin healing and is anti-aging.