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'The Kate' Care Package


This package is focused on maintaining good routines, calm, and positivity during uncertain times.

It contains:

 - [BOOK] Daily Rituals: How Artists Work by Mason Currey
 - [PLANNER] Monthly Planner made by Appointed, in linen color
 - [PRINT] Forever is Floral by Good Sheila, in 8" x 10 size
 - [CANDLE] Wild Honey by Tatine

Together, the retail value for this collection is $86.95 - so you save $8.95 with this package.

We don't charge shipping on care packages. It will be packaged with kraft crinkle paper and mailed directly to the recipient.

Here's how it works:
 - Add this item to your cart.
 - When you check-out, in the "Order Special Instructions" section, please include a customized note for us to include (otherwise we'll write a simple "thinking of you! -Your Name")
 - Put the recipient's name and address in the "shipping details" section at check out.

This package was curated by Kate, Lauren's partner.

About each of the items, Kate says:

 - BOOK: "With all the disruptions to our daily routines, it's comforting to read about the daily rituals of famous artists. Hopefully, it's a good inspiration to create some structure within our new normal."
 - PLANNER: "On the theme of routines, this calendar is awesome for keeping on track with projects and goals despite the circumstances."
 - PRINT: "I love these bright florals from Good Sheila. Great for cheering up your new home office."
 - CANDLE: "I have gifted the Wild Honey candle to some of my favorite people. The scent and delightful little package are universally loved!"

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