Mana Studio

Plant Hanger "Janel"

This adjustable macrame plant hanger is a great way to display your indoor plants and fill your spaces with life! Suspending your plant pots from the ceiling in this handmade hanging planter saves you floor space and lets you have MORE plants while adding style and a pop of color to your home decor!

This pretty plant holder for all pot sizes is also a perfect gift for nature lovers and plant parents, for birthdays, housewarmings or any other occasion!🪴

Because let's be real here - one can never have too many plants!

〰️ Design: Janel
〰️ Color: 3 options
〰️ Pot or plant NOT included!

〰️ fits ANY POT SIZE between 4"-8" / 10-20 cm diameter

〰️ choose between 41 or 47 inches (105 or 120 cm)
〰️ measurements taken from metal ring to bottom of tassel WITHOUT plant pot > the bigger the pot, the more it gets pulled up!

〰️ the optional extender adds 5-13" / 13-34 cm of extra length to your plant hanger
〰️ folded in half: 5" / 13 cm extra length
〰️ extended: 13" / 34 cm extra length
〰️ connection hook included

〰️ 100% handmade by Milena in a smoke- and pet-free studio
〰️ recycled natural cotton cord + super soft colored 100% cotton string
〰️ strong metal ring that can't break
〰️ All materials are sourced from small local suppliers.

Description and photos all by Milena of Mana Studio. Woman-owned.