Rebekah J Designs

Bun Pin


Style up that top knot with a sweet and effective bun pin! If you've ever used a pencil to hold up your mane then you're an expert on how to use these! These are all hand-forged so each one is slightly different. The product will measure about 6" tall and has a hand-hammered sunray detail on the top.

  • "Pinch" this one has indentations along the bar to help with slippery hair. Has a hammered texture at the top.
  • "Wrap" kind of like a paper clip at the top. Doubles as a bookmark!
  • "Bend" like the Pinch but with straight sticks and a gorgeous sunray texture at the top.
  • "Twist" is the designers personal fave. Has a small circular twist of wire at the top

Blending elemental metals with modern textiles, Rebekah J. Designs unites an organic, wanderlust aesthetic with fresh allure to present work that tells the story of a traveller. Each piece, destined to be a key staple in your personal jewelry collection, will be the essence of your daily wares. A California native, turned Seattle dweller, with a very diverse art background. Each piece is handmade in West Seattle, WA, where she has a home studio.