FINE & RAW was started in a notorious Williamsburg, Brooklyn artist loft by Daniel Sklaar. Daniel launched into making small chocolate batches and sharing them with friends...he then started delivering them on his bicycle to fine local purveyors. it was apparent that the chocolate flavor was so good it was borderline addictive. the company grew based on the premise of producing organic, unparalleled quality chocolate and a shear love of the chocolate making process.

sugars used in our artisan chocolate: coconut sugar - specifically chose for its slight hint of caramel that enhances the rich, deep flavors of cacao. 

plant based: yes (hi, vegan friends!)

Our Sweet Hazelnut Butter is simply roasted Oregon hazelnuts and coconut sugar, which meld together to create a simply incredible, delectable, life-altering treat.

What to do with this magical substance? Well, you can slather it on your favorite pastry or baguette, drizzle it on strawberries, or - our favorite way to indulge - eat it out of the jar with a spoon.