Apocalyptic company is a Seattle based business that aims to  bring high quality sustainable products into your life.  They love blending their mental health expertise and passion for non-toxic products that brighten your home in the darkest ways. 


This fragrance was blended from essential oils utilized in aromatherapy to reduce anxiety. It’s self care! Light your candle and let the scent slowly wash over you in an attempt to clear your anxiety, but also maybe search for a therapist on your phone, and cancel those plans tonight honey; we know, the world’s really hard right now. 

Handmade in Washington with 100% essential oils and natural soy wax.

Est. Burn Time:

  • 4 oz: 20-25 hours

  • 10 oz: 45-55 hours

  • 14 oz: 65-75 hours

 Essential oils and soy wax have a less prominent scent profile than other manufacturing options in the candle industry; we prefer the subtle scent of our candles but it will take longer to fill a room.