Apocalyptic company is a Seattle based business that aims to  bring high quality sustainable products into your life.  They love blending their mental health expertise and passion for non-toxic products that brighten your home in the darkest ways. 


This blend of patchouli, sage, and rose smells like the remnants of your formerly amazing life. Before the break-up, before you were fired , before this apocalyptic nightmare; this scent takes you back to a time when you still felt feelings. But of course, it doesn’t really matter. Now, you’re dead inside.

Handmade in Washington with 100% essential oils and natural soy wax. Description included on candle.

Est. Burn Time:

  • 4 oz: 20-25 hours

  • 10 oz: 45-55 hours

Essential oils and soy wax have a less prominent scent profile than other manufacturing options in the candle industry; we prefer the subtle scent of our candles, but it does take longer to fill a room.