Modern Science Project

Iridescent Magic Scallop Planter


Note from the Maker: A super unique planter design! I love this little guy! She's just so quirky. About this glaze: it is not actually iridescent, but I have used a combination of five colors to create this effect. It's magic. I'm obsessed. 

Pot has a 3 inch internal diameter, 4.5 outer diameter. 

Each piece is cast from porcelain and hand finished. The pieces are then fired, stained and then glazed, and fired again. This is a handmade product, so small variations may exist between pieces, including glaze imperfections and minor warping. These only add to their charm. 

 Note from the Maker: This pot does not have a drainage hole, as I decided it would compromise the design. I recommend you use it has a cache pot or add drainage such as pebbles to the bottom of the pot, to keep your plants happy in their new home.