Meet Abigale from Studio.Fjell, a local Seattle-based (student!) maker who creates hand-knit clothing and accessories. Her pieces are inspired by the outdoor landscapes she loves the most, and many of her pieces feature natural fibers and ethically sourced hand-dyed yarns. Her mission to become a more sustainable business is inspiring and we love the high-quality, unique pieces that help consumers break up with fast fashion.

About this product:

  • Handmade in Seattle by Studio Fjell
  • Care: lightly hand wash with a mild detergent and lay flat to dry. DO NOT WRING OUT

This fading mountain hat is heavily inspired by the fading mountain vistas artist Abigale explores around the PNW. This hat is part of the Mie's eye collection which is named for Mie scattering which is the technical sciency term behind why mountains fade into the distance and also is the means for colorful sunsets!

Lightweight and not too bulky, this mountain landscape hat leans more towards a fitted beanie style: certainly not a skull cap and definitely not super slouchy. This hat is knit in a scrumptious merino wool blend, so it is amazingly soft and silky but not too hot for the warmer months, and makes for the perfect everyday beanie.