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◒ NAIA - Minimalist North Star Ear jackets
A star statement thats a little different, jacketed by a simple full moon shape. Because of its elongated points, the North Star can be rotated horizonalally for different look amnd looks stunning on its own as well.
'Polaris', commonly the North Star or Pole Star, is the brightest star in the constellation of Ursa Minor. It is very close to the north celestial pole, making it the current northern pole star.

WEAR 4 WAYS - You can layer these as you wish, or even with your own studs.
1) Wear as shown with earlobe between the stud and the backplate/jacket
2) Wear with stud and back plate together in front of the earlobe, appearing as one earring stud.
3) Wear stud only.
4) Pair back plate/jacket with your own stud.

All our earrings are so simple that they look great layered - if you have more than one piercing or can be mixed and matched to create that cool stack going up the ear or why not make it asymmetrical!?

▴ Each piece is handmade. Please expect slight variations between each item and the photograph in the listing.
▴ Raw brass stud is polished with a protective wax.
▴ Earring post is stainless steel (hypoallergenic)
▴ Earring back is silicone (hypoallergenic)

▴ By nature, all brass will eventually darken over time but can be maintained and polished back to its original shine by rubbing face down in one direction with a brass polishing cloth - sample cloth included. Oxidation can be slowed by avoiding wet and humid conditions. There are also a ton of simple ways you can care for your brass using household items such as white vinegar, salt, lemon suice, basking soda. Just Google DIY brass cleaner and choose from the houshold iyems you have available.
▴ Bar Keepers Friend is excellent to have on hand for all your brass care and inexpensive/easy to find. Simply mix with water, rub, rinse and dry. Comes out like new!
▴ Stainless steel is non-reactive will not change. Complete with silicone backs, these studs are perfect for those with sensitive ears.