Apocalyptic company is a Seattle based business that aims to  bring high quality sustainable products into your life.  They love blending their mental health expertise and passion for non-toxic products that brighten your home in the darkest ways. 


This delicious coffee scent is the antidote for the overworked. Comprised of coffee and orange essential oils, this candle will carry you through this shit storm of a situation, or at least keep you awake while you trudge through it! Your bills are due, you’re working 15 hour days, and you’re obviously pushing how long you can use dry shampoo. There’s still more to do, but you got this!

Handmade in Washington with 100% essential oils and natural soy wax.

Est. Burn Time:

  • 4 oz: 20-25 hours

  • 10 oz: 45-55 hours

  • 14 oz: 65-75 hours