Ruby Farms Pottery

Oval Trinket Bowl


Sometimes, just a little wonky. Perfect for holding hodgepodges, jumbles, mishmashes, and miscellany.

Handmade pottery, part of the bowl is left unglazed. Glazed by hand, please expect variances and slight imperfections.

  • Size: 
    2" tall
    4.5" long
    2.5"-3" wide
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • Lead-free, food safe glaze. Exposed clay is non-porous.

These mugs are made using a technique called slip casting. Slip is a liquid mixture of clay, a little thinner than a slurry. Slip casting is liquefied clay poured into our plaster molds. This collection of mugs are light-weight and wonky in shape.

Woman-owned. Locally handmade in Vancouver, Washington.