10 Gift Ideas for YOU

10 Gift Ideas for YOU

A lot of folks come to Station 7 to buy gifts for their nearest and dearest. And helping our customer put together the perfect gift is something we do REALLY, REALLY well. 

(If you need some help with gift giving, check out our Gift Giving 101 guide.)

But as much as we love helping you find gifts for your nearest and dearest, our favorite person to help you pick a gift for is YOU.

So, today we're rounding up 10 gift ideas for YOU. Some from our shop, some from other favorite small businesses we love.

10 Gift Ideas for YOU

#1: Shower Steamers

Shower steamers turn your home shower into a spa. That may sound like an exaggeration, but they are *that* amazing. 

You already shower (hopefully...) – why not use it as an opportunity to check in with yourself and breathe a little more deeply. You deserve that.

Our shower steamers are made locally by an AAPI-woman-owned business, Lulumière.

Shop shower steamers.

Never heard of these and curious how to use them? Check out our blog post here.

#2: A Day Trip 

When was the last time you took a day, just for you, and had a day adventure by yourself?

Visit a new town, take the ferry somewhere new, take a hike, or even just spend an afternoon in a new neighborhood.

If you're in the Seattle area, I have a recommendation for you.

Go to the Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island, and walk the 2-ish mile loop. The New York Times called the Bloedel Reserve "one of the country's most original and ambitious gardens."

It's one of my favorite places on earth, and it's right in our backyard.

(photo I took on a trip a couple of years ago)

You won't regret it.

#3: Notebook

To me, a fresh new notebook is *chef's kiss* perfection. The perfect place to plan, dream, and create. 

Especially if that fresh new notebook is gorgeous, American-made and with my favorite high-quality paper. 

Meet: Appointed. Smooth paper that pens don't bleed through. Cotton bookcloth covers. A gorgeous assortment of colors. We are in love.

Shop all Appointed.

#4: Spa Treatment

The best part of a spa treatment isn't always the treatment itself – it's the fact that you're choosing to take an hour or more of your day dedicated to YOU and taking care of YOU.

Manicure, pedicure, facial, massage, the possibilities are endless.

You can go out... or do it yourself!

A tighter budget doesn't mean we can't treat ourselves. Carve the time and quiet space out of your schedule to have an at-home spa day. 

We love the small batch body treatments from Formulary 55 for this.

A couple of favorite products to help:

Shop all Formulary 55.

#5: Art or an Art Print

Our surroundings matter! The space we live in has a huge impact on our wellbeing (and even our behavior). Why not introduce some daily calm into your life with an art print by LGBTQ woman-owned business Good Sheila (wait, that's me, Lauren! I own Station 7 and Good Sheila).

Shop Good Sheila art prints.

#6: A Candle

Working at your desk, doing the dishes, reading after dinner... there's nothing that can't be made just a little bit special by lighting a candle.

Here's a forever favorite of ours: Pacific by Seattle-based Particle Goods.

Shop Particle Goods candles.

#7: Forever Jewelry

Want to give a gift to yourself that you'll always remember? How about permanent jewelry?

Permanent jewelry is jewelry that is welded onto your body (doesn't touch your skin, totally painless!) so that there's no clasp. I have a permanent bracelet with two birthstones on it (my son and my niece), but you can customize your jewelry for whatever purpose you want.

In Seattle? Our friends at And Arlen have a walk-in studio where you can get your own! (They did mine!)


#8: Statement Jewelry

If you love a good statement as much as I do, a piece of statement jewelry is *THE PERFECT* way to treat yourself.

We're a huge fan of Imagination Earrings by Seattle woman-owned business, Studio Toujours. Playful, surprisingly lightweight and TOTALLY original, we know you'll love them too!

Shop Imagination Earrings.

#9: A Bouquet

As Monet said, "I must have flowers, always and always." I agree! Treat yourself to a bouquet, no special occasion needed.

And might we recommend a dried floral bouquet so you can enjoy it for months and years to come? We love fresh flowers as much as the next person, but it's always such a shame when their time comes to an end. Dried flowers last for the long haul!

If you're in the Seattle area, come in and make your own (or we can help you) at our dried floral bar.

#10: A Mug

Most of us start the day with a hot beverage... why not enjoy it out of a mug that brings you joy?

I can't think of a better choice for that than the Curvy Lady mugs, made by a female artist right here in Seattle.

Curvy Lady Mug

Shop Curvy Lady Mug.

To wrap up

So there you have it! 10 gifts you can get for yourself. You deserve it.

All photos by Hallie Kathryn Photography (except my photo from Bloedel Reserve)

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How to Write a Meaningful Card

How to Write a Meaningful Card

Opening your mailbox to find handwritten card that someone took the time to write for you...

Well, it's a rare treat these days.

Which is even more of a reason to write one!

Think about it. You have the power to create this feeling for someone ⤵️

But, even if you *want* to write a thoughtful card that will truly make someone's day... we're probably all familiar with facing the blank page with no idea what to write.

You get out your cute greeting card, you open it up, pull out a pen and then.... nothing.

Well! That's what I'm here for today, friend. I'm no stranger to greeting cards (I have a whole line of greeting cards I designed myself!) – and my favorite kind of card is the "just because" card. The one you send not because it's their birthday or you need to thank them for something. But the one you truly send just to say that you're thinking of them.

In this blog post, I'm going to share a step-by-step process for writing a thoughtful card that is all but guaranteed to make someone's day.

Pick the right card

I prefer cards that are fully blank inside so that you can write your own message, and I think it's fun to send cards that are from independent designers (rather than mass produced and bought at the grocery store). 

Some ideas:

  • Buy cards from a local greeting card business.
  • Find an artist whose work you love and sell their greeting cards.
  • Pick greeting cards that can live a second life as art (and won't immediately be put in a box) – I'm biased, but Good Sheila's line of 5" x 7" cards are perfect for this because they even fit in standard frames!

Plan what to write first.

I heard this piece of advice a couple of years ago and it blew my mind: but actually write out what you're going to say in your card on your computer or on a separate piece of paper FIRST so that you're not drafting your thoughts on the card itself. When you're happy with the message, THEN you can put it onto the card.  

Get intentional.

What do you actually want to convey in your card or letter? How do you want your friend (or whoever you're writing to) to feel after reading your note? Have this clear in your head before you start writing. 

Follow a proven letter-writing formula.

Writing a thoughtful, completely from-the-heart greeting card doesn't mean you have to reinvent the wheel. There's a proven formula you can use to make the card writing process plug and play!

  1. Greeting. This part is easy! Write 'Dear [Name],' 'Hey [Name]' or another salutation that feels natural to you.

  2. Purpose of the Card. Come right out with the main reason that you're writing. Sometimes this will be "Happy 40th birthday!" or "Thank you for ...."... but it could also be as simple as "I miss you!"

  3. Expand. This is the best part. Here's your opportunity to say something concrete. You could include a shared memory you have, something you learned recently, something that made you think of your friend, a reason you're grateful for your friend, etc. 

  4. Look to the future. This is your opportunity to put out a wish or a hope for your friend for the future. It could be something like, "I can't wait to celebrate together this summer." or "I'm sending all my best wishes for lots of puppy cuddles and successful baking adventures!"

  5. Sign off. This is where you wrap things up. Sign off with something like, "Love, Lauren" or "Your friend, Lauren".

Final touches.

You've written your letter! Yay. Now it's time for some final touches.

First, and most importantly, check spelling! Don't undercut your message by misspelling the person's name, for example (this happens all the time to my sister, for example – her name is Jacquie but even close friends/family will write 'Jackie'. Not a huge deal but also can so easily be prevented!).

Here are 2 other optional (but fun!) extra touches:

  • Consider adding a P.S. - it could be anything... an inside joke, something to make them smile. Whatever! 
  • Consider putting something in the card. A polaroid photo, a sticker, a newspaper/magazine clipping, confetti!? 🎉 So unexpected and delightful.

Ready to stock up?

If you're ready to get stocked up with unique greeting cards (all designed by local woman-owned businesses!)...  we actually have a great promo to help you out.

For every 5 greeting cards you buy, you get 1 free. This discount is automatically added at check-out when you have 6 cards in your cart (1 will be free!).

Check out our selection of greeting cards.

card promo

Happy card writing!


Photos by Hallie Kathryn Photography

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How to Use Shower Steamers

How to Use Shower Steamers

When we look at our bestsellers, there's been one product holding down the #1 spot... pretty much since we first got them in.

That product is Shower Steamers.

Made locally by AAPI woman-owned business Lulumière.

Shower Steamers are new to a lot of our shoppers, so I thought today I'd put together a blog post that walks you through how to use them.

What Are Shower Steamers?

Shower Steamers are the best! I like to think of them as a "bath bomb" but for showers, not baths. They are little cubes that you place in the shower. The steam activates the essential oils and they basically turn your shower into a steam room!

How to Use Shower Steamers

  1. Place a shower steamer on your shelf or floor, out of the direct stream of water.
  2. Allow water to gently meet the steamer cube
  3. As the cube melts, take deep, slow breaths.

Pro Tips 🌟 (Straight from the Maker!)

Who better to get some tips than straight from the maker herself?

I asked Linda Takano, owner of Lulumière, if she had any tips for using shower steamers. Here's what she had to share with us!

Yes, I have tips! Because I’m not just the maker, I’m a power user too! 😉

#1 tip: Don’t save them for too long!

Because of the natural way we scent them & that we don’t use preservatives, they are best when used within 3 months. They are meant to be used & enjoyed.

#2: I recommend placing these in the shower on the shelf that is closest to your nose, because your feet can’t smell them.

And finally, #3: If it has been a little bit since you first opened the bag, I highly recommend adding a few drops of essential oil to your steamer just before using.

Of course, you can match the oils according to the scent blend of your shower steamers, but you can also get creative and add whatever oils you have at home.

Whether you have the lavender & eucalyptus or the peppermint & eucalyptus, I think those would go well with any citrus essential oils you have or even a woodsy or floral one. Use what you have!

Such great tips, Linda -- thank you so much!!

Fun fact 💫

Linda is one of my first-ever small business friends (we even shared a booth a craft show together, years ago, when I was vending with my first small business Good Sheila).

Linda is an absolute 💎 GEM 💎 of a human and I could not adore her more. She is a perfect example of why I love being a small business owner so much -- getting to connect with other small business owners like her!

Here's how you can connect with Lulumière:

Ready to try them out?

If you haven't yet tried out Shower Steamers, they truly do turn your shower into a spa experience... something we all deserve.

We carry them in 2 sizes and 2 scents:

Or, check out everything we carry from Lulumiere (we love it all!)

We know you're going to love them 🥰



Top photo is from Hallie Kathryn Photography

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How to Make a Dried Floral Bouquet

How to Make a Dried Floral Bouquet

Here's math that we really like:


That's why we love dried flowers so much.

Dried Florals are Magic

For us, dried floral bouquets are a revelation and can add to any space. You can make a bouquet once and then enjoy them for YEARS to come. Truly.

Our love for dried flowers is why we put together our dried floral bar in the shop! We have a bunch of dried flowers all lined up on a farmhouse table, and we invite you to play! To dig in and make your own bouquet.

Some folks dig right in and start creating, but others feel like they would LOVE to make their own bouquet, but they don't feel like they know how. 

The truth is there's no "right" way to create your dried floral bouquet. But we wanted to help give you a starting point, so we asked our florist friend Liz of Marigold and Green to share some tips. And boy did she deliver!

Here are Liz's tips on creating a dried floral bouquet... even if you don't have any experience.

How to Make a Dried Floral Bouquet: Tips from Local Florist Liz of Marigold and Green

Making a dried flower bouquet can be a fun and creative project, so don't feel intimidated! With a few simple steps, you can create a beautiful and unique bouquet that you can be proud of.

Choosing your flowers

Deciding which flowers to choose can be the hardest part!

  • Start off by thinking about a color palette to use. Will you create a monochromatic or more pick flowers with a variety of colors to create a vibrate color scheme?
  • Next, think about creating different textures and heights within the arrangement. For example, you can use some flowers with a more delicate or airy feel, and balance them out with more substantial blooms or dried greenery.

Arrange Your Flowers

Once you have chosen your flowers, begin arranging them in your hand. Take your time and adjust the position of each flower until you are happy with the overall shape and size of the bouquet.

Tip: Group flowers in odd numbers, such as threes or fives, which creates a more visually interesting and dynamic arrangement.

Don't worry if it takes a few tries to get the perfect arrangement - it's all part of the creative process!

Finishing Touches

Remember to secure the stems with florist wire or floral tape to hold the flowers together. Finally, add a ribbon of your choice to finish it off!

Enjoy your everlasting flowers!


Huge thanks to Liz of Marigold & Green for putting together these tips for us! She's a local florist with some pretty amazing offers... go check out her rental flower bar (!!!), flower subscriptions, or her Instagram.

diy bouquet

In Seattle? Come on over!

Ready to make your own dried floral bouquet? If you're in Seattle, come into our retail shop and pull from our dried floral stem bar.

The specific flowers we have varies depending on availability (feel free to call to ask), but we often have: strawflower, ammobium, marigold, larkspur, verbena, lavender, poppy pods, eucalyptus, billy buttons, bunny tails, statice, dusty miller + much more.

Seeya soon!


Top photo is from Hallie Kathryn Photography

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Gift Giving 101: How to Give a Thoughtful Gift They'll LOVE

Gift Giving 101: How to Give a Thoughtful Gift They'll LOVE

Here's something I bet we can all relate to:

Gift giving is hard!

Spending money on ourselves is easy. We generally KNOW what we like and what we'll be excited to have.  

But when we're buying gifts for someone else, a big part of the fun is usually the element of surprise. We want to choose something for people that they are going to be surprised to receive -- and that means we're choosing what to buy for them without them telling us directly what to buy.

There's also the waste factor: The amount of gifts that are purchased every year only to be immediately discarded is staggering. (I did some research and the exact estimates vary, but it's in the BILLIONS of dollars every year spent on unwanted gifts that are thrown away... 🤯. Yes, that's a waste of money, but it's also HORRENDOUS for the earth).

So. This mini-guide is here to change that.

If you want to give thoughtful, intentional gifts that will delight and reduce the waste of unwanted gifts.... we've got some tips for you.

Here are the stages we're going to talk about:

  • centering the person we're gifting to
  • brainstorming
  • planning the gift
  • the wrapping

At the end of this post, you'll know how to give a gift that your lucky person will truly enjoy.

Let's get into it!


We're starting this guide off with the #1 most important piece of the puzzle, and that is to center the person who is actually going to be receiving your gift.

I'd recommend getting out a pen + paper, and taking some notes about the person you're buying for.

In fact, take your piece of paper and split it into two columns. On the left-hand side, answer the questions below, and then in Part 2, we'll fill in the right-hand side.

Here are some questions to get you started:

  • What does this person LOVE to do?
  • What hobbies does this person have?
  • What are this person's values?
  • Where does this person spend their money?
  • How does this person spend most of their time?
  • Does this person seem to prefer physical gifts or experiences?
  • What is this person OBSESSED with?

You may not have the answers to all of these questions, but the more you can take note and really reflect on the specific person you're buying for, the better your gift will be.

Once you've scratched out some answers to these questions on the left-hand side of your paper, it's time to move on to part 2.


Now that we've really spent some time and energy thinking about the person we're gifting to, it's time to start coming up with some gift ideas. 

If you're following along with the exercise I recommended, you now have a piece of paper split into 2 columns, and on the left-hand side, you've answered a bunch of questions about this person's hobbies, values, activities, etc.

Now, we're going to brainstorm gift ideas for each of these answers.

Here are a few examples:

Info about our giftee Relevant gift idea
Loves to go to the farmers market Re-usable produce bags
Enjoys swimming
Coffee table book of aerial views of pools
Values include racial justice
Donation to the Southern Poverty Law Center
Loves supporting woman-owned businesses Self-care products made by local woman-owned businesses
Is obsessed with office supplies Super high quality notebook

As you're brainstorming, let yourself get creative! Just about anything can be gifted, including:

  • Physical products
  • Food + treats
  • Supplies
  • Gift certificates
  • Donations
  • Experiences
  • Something handmade with love

Keep going until you've run out of relevant gift ideas for all of the things you've listed about your gift recipient.

When you've got a good and full list, let's move on to part 3: planning.

PART 3: Planning

At this stage we know quite a bit about our giftee, and we've come up with a bunch of creative ideas that we know our person is likely to enjoy.

Now, let's narrow down our options with the following questions.

  • What's your budget? Eliminate anything outside of your budget.
  • How much time do you have to get this gift? Eliminate anything you won't easily be able to get in time.
  • Which of the things on this list do you think this person is likely to already have? Eliminate those.
  • In the case that our person doesn't like what we've chosen, which of these gifts would be really difficult to return/exchange/re-gift? Consider eliminating those.... unless you're fairly certain your person will love it!

At this point, there are probably still a few options left, and at this point I think you've got some great options.

To make your final decision you could ask another person who knows your gift recipient to get a sense for their thoughts... or you could just go with your gut and follow your intuition on what you think they'd be most excited about.

So! Make your selection, and then make a plan for getting it... whether that means physically going to purchase something from a store or ordering it or making it -- whatever it is, make the plan.

Then, let's move on to the final stage!

Part 4: The Wrappings

Let me paint two different scenarios for you when it comes to receiving a gift.

Scenario A: Someone hands you a grocery bag with the present inside, unwrapped. 

Scenario B: The same person hands you a present, beautifully wrapped. It has been tied up beautifully and includes a thoughtful handwritten card that you start with. After you've read the card, you unwrap your gift and see the present.

Now in this case, the present is the same either way. But in Scenario B, therre's so much more thought and care that went into the packaging and delivery of the gift. Packaging is another way of showing that you care.

Now, let it be known: I'm not suggesting you need to buy a bunch of brand new materials only to wrap something in it once. There are many sustainable, low or zero-waste ways to wrap gifts. (Might I recommend these oversized tea towels/reusable gift wrap from Chroma Rex (formerly Rex Made This)?)

You can use that same paper grocery bag but wrap it up around the gift so your recipient has something to unwrap. But just pay some attention to the experience of receiving the gift itself, because this is part of the magic.

Now, one final request for you in the packaging department:

Write a card! This probably comes as no surprise to you anyone who knows me (given that I have a greeting card company), but I think cards are non-negotiable. For me, one of the best parts of opening a gift is reading the card attached to it. (In fact, my main request for my birthday from my partner is that she writes me a birthday card -- that's at least as important to me as the gift itself!).


If you take just one thing away from this mini-guide on gift giving, I hope it is this: Put your recipient at the center when it comes to buying gifts. The gift that is going to be the most cherished and loved is the one that you picked out because it was exactly designed and thoughtfully selected for THAT person. There's no one-size-fits-all "perfect" gift to buy eveyrone in your life because everyone is different. 

With that, you have everything you need to minimize waste, avoid wasting money, and give better gifts by spending the time to choose a thoughtful, meaningful gift.

Happy gifting!


All photos are by Hallie Kathryn Photography and feature products we sell at 

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Welcome to Station 7's blog!

Welcome to Station 7's blog!

Hey friends, Lauren here!

After a bit of a hiatus (some things happened in 2020....) our blog is back!

My intention is to use this as a way to share:

  • round-ups of our favorite items
  • introductions to our fave local business owners
  • gift ideas for various occasions
  • various home & style "how to" information
  • styling ideas for our favorite home products
  • occasional behind-the-scenes
  • whatever we feel like!

If there's anything you'd especially like to see, let us know - I'm all ears.



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Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide

Let's celebrate dad!

June 20 is Father's Day, 2021, and we want to help you celebrate the dad, dads or father figures in your life! Whether you're shopping for books, personal care products, or gardening goods, we've got you covered.

This gift guide was created in collaboration with our sister business, Good Sheila (same owner as Station 7, and maker of item #1 below!).

Match the numbers in the image with the numbers below.

  1. Happy Father's Day: No Father's Day gift is complete without a handwritten card. It's just the facts. Simple and beautiful, this greeting card was made by Seattle-based Good Sheila (in fact: same owner as Station 7!). Also check out: Dad to the Bone.
    [Seattle-based LGBTQ, woman-owned business]

  2. Waist Apron: This sturdy denim waist apron is the perfect companion for grilling, cooking, art, gardening, or any other project where tools come in handy.
    [Black-owned business]

  3. The Bucket List: Places to Find Peace and Quiet: Written by Victoria Ward, his book is escapism at its finest. Help the dad in your life dream up a trip to somewhere relaxing, restorative and peaceful -- or just get lost in the beautiful photos and pages.

  4. Fire + Wine: 75 Smoke-Infused Reicpes from the Grill with Perfect Wine Pairings: Wine and grilling... the best of both worlds? Written by pitmaster Sean Martin and sommelier Mary Cressler, and features awesome at-home BBQ recipes with the wine pairings that match them best.

  5. Shi Shi Card Holder: This beautiful, simple, handmade card holder features a single-pocket and holds either credit/debit cards or business cards -- your choice.
    [Seattle-based business]

  6. Sea Mineral Foot Soak: Perfect for anyone who really just needs to put their feet up. This is a fizzy foot soak with essential oils and Dead Sea mineral salts.
    [woman-owned business]

  7. Jonboy Caramels in Espresso: These caramels are universal crowd pleasers. These espresso caramels can put a pep in anyone's step.
    [Seattle-based business]

  8. Safety Pin Bottle Opener: Open your beer bottles in style with this simple and functional bottle opener. 

  9. Forest Candle: This candle takes you straight into the forest, with scents of fir needles, damp earth, coriander, oakmoss, rosemary and cypress. Phthalate free, paraffin free, lead free, cruelty free.
    [Seattle-based, woman-owned business]

  10. Organic Gardener's Hand Soap: Calling all gardeners, artists, or other makers whose hands need a good scrub: this soap is for you. With coffee grounds and apricot kernels for scrubbing and citrus oil for scent, this soap is a keeper.
    [Seattle-based business]

  11. Scene Mug: Gift the absolute TREAT of one of these handmade mugs. Thrown from a pottery real, these mugs feature a colorful handpainted scene.
    [Seattle-based, woman-owned business]

  12. Ocean & Oakmoss Shea Butter SoapBeautifully packaged -- this soap smells as good as it looks. Plus, it's extra moisturizing and skin-softening (thanks, shea butter!)
    [woman-owned business]

  13. Starter Garden Seeds: This set includes 5 packets of easy-to-grow non-GMO starter seeds, including: sage, echinacea, lemon balm, calendula, and chamomile. Plus, it includes instructions to make your own healing balm and salve.
    [Seattle-based business]

  14. Any Night Grilling: This book, written by Texan author Paula Disbrowe, covers the essentials of cooking over fire, and offers delicious recipes that can be made any night of the week. 

  15. Eucalyptus Shower Steams: Easiest at-home spa treatment.... ever. These tablets basically turn your shower into a steam room. They are scented with eucalyptus (supports respiratory health) and peppermint (awakening and refreshing). 
    [woman-owned business]

  16. Smoky Bourbon Candle: Beautiful, ethically made, and smells like heaven. Treat the bourbon lover in your life to this beautiful 12oz candle featuring a soft crackling wood wick.
    [Seattle-based, LGBTQ-owned business]


Want to browse on your own? From books to plants to home goods to body products to candles to jewelry and more.... Station 7 carries something for everyone. Browse our shop.

Or, go learn about our sister business, Good Sheila (maker of the greeting card in this gift guide)!

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How We Choose Our Products

How We Choose Our Products
What people are most taken by when they come into our retail shop for the first time is something we can’t take credit for -- and that’s our products themselves. How unique, interesting, and beautiful our products are, and where they come from. Not only are they eye-catching, but most of the time they are handmade, made locally, made by women or people of color, and/or from a company that gives back. Continue reading

Our Good Business Statement

Our Good Business Statement

We believe that small businesses have the power to change the world. We've put together what we call a Good Business Statement. It sums up what we care about and what we're using Station 7 to do about it.

We know that businesses only exists as long as we support them. As a retail business, we buy products from other businesses, and we prioritize spending with and supporting local businesses, businesses owned by Black people and other people of color, woman-owned businesses, LGBTQIA+-owned businesses, and other businesses from marginalized communities.

As of October 2020, we donate 5% of net income to a cause we believe in, rotating on a quarterly basis. This money goes to organizations supporting racial justice, protecting the earth, mental health awareness, animal welfare and LGBTQIA+ causes. Q4 2020 we are donating to The Loveland Foundation.

We won’t be silent about the things that matter. We stand for building an anti-racist world, for LGBTQIA+ equality, for women’s rights, and for the empowerment of all marginalized communities. We welcome people of all races, genders and abilities here.  

We believe that every dollar we spend is a vote for the world we want. So, we do our best to spend our money with businesses who have responsible environmental practices and have values aligned with ours. Where possible, we aim to spend with small businesses, local businesses, and businesses owned by marginalized communities.

We are actively working to mitigate the impact of being in the retail industry. Whenever possible we order recycled and otherwise environmentally friendly shipping and packaging materials. 


Want to write your own Good Business Statement? Download our free guide here.


*This is modeled after our sister-company Good Sheila's 5% for Good, and to maximize our impact, we give to the same organizations each quarter.

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HOW TO: Choose a candle

HOW TO: Choose a candle
When it comes to transforming the feel and energy of a space, there aren’t many things more effective than a candle. So, how do you pick out the right candle for you? You have a lot of options when it comes to candles these days! From the different types of wax, to essential oils and fragrances, to the actual candle-making process, to packaging - it’s good to think about what’s important to you in advance. Continue reading