How to Stop Caring What Others Think For Real.


In our society, more often than not, we identify ourselves by our external achievements: job, financial success, college degree, social standing, beauty. In this book, you will learn the steps to take to reexamine your relationship with your external realities, and recognize the danger in defining yourself by those failures and successes. You will learn that placing your self-worth in the hands of external successes and failures takes away all your control of personal value.

This message is more relevant than ever: how do we find self-love and personal value that’s completely and authentically within our control.

This book will help you, the business leader, the employee, the parent, the student, the frustrated person, the competitive person, the disillusioned person, the perfectionist, to create a shift in your thinking about who exactly you are and what makes you valuable and lovable. This book will give you the tools to reexamine your successes and failures as they relate to your internal essence, foster a deep resilience and self-respect, and begin to confront life’s anxieties by taking back control and owning your own narrative.

This shift to radical authenticity and internal success will guide you to a life that’s guaranteed to be one of self-love, fulfillment and developing your best self. Oh, and the best part? You will stop caring what other people think.