Nordy Made

Mazzy Medium Fringe Ear Jackets


◒ MAZZY 1/2 moon tassle fringe ear jackets

You'll be sure to dazzle with these unique show stopping boho style ear jackets with their simple, half moon stud and shimmering tassle fringe. And, why not mix and match with your own studs as well! These are the perfect way to dress up a cute T-shirt or to add the finishing touches to your going out attire.

Wear 4 ways:
1) Wear stud in front and ear jacket behind the ear lobe as in first photo
2) Wear both stud and ear jacket in front
3) Wear stud alone
4) Wear ear jacket with any other studs to change up the look

▴ Each piece is handmade. Please expect slight variations between each item and the photograph in the listing.

▴ Studs are 14k gold plated over Sterling Silver
▴ Fringe jackets are 18k Gold plated brass

▴ Studs are Sterling Silver
▴ Fringe jackets are Rhodium plating over brass

What is Rhodium? Rhodium is a platinum group metal that is predominantly used as an alloy to harden other metals. It is highly resistant to corrosion and damage and it provides an extremely reflective surface and is used for jewelry and musical instruments.