Chroma Rex

Dumplings Kitchen Towel

Note from the maker: Dumplings across cultures are made with so much love and shared with those we love - I hid a heart in the pleats of each one as a reminder! My Chinese surname is also hidden in the design of the sauce dish, and the bold orange color exudes my excitement watching dumplings fry up to a crispy, golden color as pot stickers! Making dumplings (jiao zi & guo tie!) is a tradition that fills me with joy, especially when seeing friends learn to fold them for the first time or how excited my tiny kiddos are to help.

Durable & absorbent 100% flour sack cotton tea towels featuring a handdrawn and watercolor-painted dumpling design by Seattle AAPI artist Irene Rex.
The 27"x27" size is perfect for use as a reusable furoshiki-style gift wrap or for cleaning up spills, drying hands & dishes, and adding some color your kitchen. Hanging loop in one corner.