Best Places to Visit in Seattle: 15th Ave Edition

Best Places to Visit in Seattle: 15th Ave Edition

During my last post, I mentioned a few of my favorite spots when supporting small businesses, but  I won’t lie guys, out of all the Seattle neighborhoods, Capitol Hill is my absolute favorite. I went to school there, I found *me* there, I met my now-husband there, and now I work there… ugh it is an absolute gem! Being so culturally diverse, you’ll never run out of options for anything you’re looking for. The atmosphere and energy is lively, artistic, and unique

But there’s something super special about 15th Ave, and you’ll feel it the moment you step onto the street, especially if the sun is out. ✨

I was working one day when someone I was chatting with called 15th a “micro-neighborhood,” and I’ve never heard anything more true. 15th shines in her own element, creating a moment, or a feeling more so, that is more about walking-culture, soaking in the sun on the patio, and while you'll feel the quick paced life with the heart of Capitol Hill just a few blocks over, 15th slows down (just a tiny bit!) to embrace the moment. 

So, I really wanted to round-up 15ths locally-owned businesses that we love and support (and usually visit at least once a week - oh hi, coffee for opening and bagels for late lunches). Note that these are my personal opinions and suggestions based on experience alone.

And of course, we’ll start with coffee cause just like my day, we can’t function otherwise... 😜


  • Ada's Books & Coffee - this spot is for the book-loving, unique quirk and the perfect spot for finding a day of "nook-work."
  • Caffe Ladro - perfect for finding a spot for the day, and if you need a great wake-up call, their espresso is strong 👏
  • Overcast Coffee - just a block down the street from Station 7, we see quite a few overcast cups in S7
  • Victrola - across the street from S7, Victrola's roast is dark, delicious, and they also make a mean iced oat latte

Quick Bites

  • Bakery Nouveau - this is a Seattle staple. you MUST stop here. Everything is a personal fav. You cannot go wrong.
  • Nuflours Bakery - gluten free, and I still get baked goods? This is the vibe. 
  • Rubenstein Bagels ok friend, if you need a small, but quick lunch, this is your spot. But make sure you go before 1pm ish. Your favorite bagel could be sold out. Personal favs: salt bagel + plain schmear, orrrr their BLT on salt.


  • Bar Vacilando - mmm I can seriously taste that pear and gorgonzola flatbread 🤤
  • Liberty - perfect for happy hour, but able to add on if you need a little bit more with sushi selection! also provides a GF menu.
  • Rione XII - part of Ethan Stowell restaurants, I had the Bucatini here as a night out and *chef's kiss* also has outdoor seating.
  • Smith - the outdoor seating charms here. perfect for happy hour or dinner.

Shop Local

There are SO many good gems, you could literally spend *days* exploring 15th and finding your favorite shops. 

With a walkability score of 93 (that’s a walker’s paradise! 🤯) each of these local small businesses are must-visits.Whether if it’s for their baked goods and books, rotating menus, trendy new drinks, finding that perfect gift, or just spending time with a friend and making a sunny day of it in Seattle, make sure 15th Ave is on your destination list when visiting (or if you even live in the area) Seattle!.