What does Shopping Small Really Mean?

What does Shopping Small Really Mean?

At Station 7, we’ve taken our time to curate the products that we have in our shop. Each product comes with a background, a local artist creating a unique handmade gift. 

We're constantly looking at consumer behavior and the growth at the small business industry, and it’s been clear that the  handmade market is growing in our post-COVID world. In a recent Forbes survey, over half those that answered prefer to seek out small businesses rather than shop at big retailers. 🎉

But why, exactly, are consumers seeking out small, local businesses for special holidays? What makes shopping small special?

What does shopping small really mean?

Shopping Small Means Supporting Local + One Another

According to that same Forbes survey, every $1 spent with a local business, over two-thirds of it ($0.68) stays within the community, bringing more jobs to the city, and supporting local craft industries. That’s incredible. 🥳

When you support a small business, you’re supporting so much more: each handmade good comes with a background, a story behind that business with each product being uniquely made with hard work, thought, and love.

When you purchase handmade goods from a small business, you have an artist receiving the order that does an actual happy dance when they hear the “ding.” You’re giving that artist the feeling of absolute joy, confidence in their work, and the opportunity to support their families.

Buying Handmade is more Sustainable

Created as one-of-a-kind, handcrafted products, these pieces are gifts meant for a lifetime, created with higher quality materials and construction... Repaired rather than replaced. With these thoughts in mind, it helps minimize the impact of “fast purchases” and helps lessen waste.

Shopping Small means you get the BEST Customer Service!

Listen, we are genuinely so happy when you choose to purchase from us, so we strive to make your experience with us as best as possible and want nothing more than to see you happy at the end of the day! We pride ourselves in our work and ensure every detail is perfect, and if it’s not, you can betcha bottom we’ll do anything we can to be of help to you.

Ready to Make Your Mark?

 Here are 5 simple ways to help support local businesses:

    1. Farmer's markets! Nothing says made locally with love than a farmer's market (or a maker's market). 
    2. Shop local: doing your research and seeing which shops around you are owned by local business (and/or believe in the same values you believe in). Some of our favorites include:
    3. Eat local: skip out on the big chains and find those locally-owned restaurants! There are sooo many, but here are some of my personal favorites in the neighborhood:
    4. Social media: not ready to spend money? That's ok! You can help so much by liking a photo, but sharing a post or reel of a small business to your entire network, using a hashtag, tagging the business, or even writing a positive review really helps spread the word about us, and there's nothing better 🥰

When you buy from local, handmade small businesses, you’re making a big impact, supporting those who are doing what they love. You're celebrating the culture of imagination, creativity, and love.

You're celebrating the different. The talented. The special.

We can't thank you enough. ✨