How to Write a Meaningful Card

How to Write a Meaningful Card

Opening your mailbox to find handwritten card that someone took the time to write for you...

Well, it's a rare treat these days.

Which is even more of a reason to write one!

Think about it. You have the power to create this feeling for someone ⤵️

But, even if you *want* to write a thoughtful card that will truly make someone's day... we're probably all familiar with facing the blank page with no idea what to write.

You get out your cute greeting card, you open it up, pull out a pen and then.... nothing.

Well! That's what I'm here for today, friend. I'm no stranger to greeting cards (I have a whole line of greeting cards I designed myself!) – and my favorite kind of card is the "just because" card. The one you send not because it's their birthday or you need to thank them for something. But the one you truly send just to say that you're thinking of them.

In this blog post, I'm going to share a step-by-step process for writing a thoughtful card that is all but guaranteed to make someone's day.

Pick the right card

I prefer cards that are fully blank inside so that you can write your own message, and I think it's fun to send cards that are from independent designers (rather than mass produced and bought at the grocery store). 

Some ideas:

  • Buy cards from a local greeting card business.
  • Find an artist whose work you love and sell their greeting cards.
  • Pick greeting cards that can live a second life as art (and won't immediately be put in a box) – I'm biased, but Good Sheila's line of 5" x 7" cards are perfect for this because they even fit in standard frames!

Plan what to write first.

I heard this piece of advice a couple of years ago and it blew my mind: but actually write out what you're going to say in your card on your computer or on a separate piece of paper FIRST so that you're not drafting your thoughts on the card itself. When you're happy with the message, THEN you can put it onto the card.  

Get intentional.

What do you actually want to convey in your card or letter? How do you want your friend (or whoever you're writing to) to feel after reading your note? Have this clear in your head before you start writing. 

Follow a proven letter-writing formula.

Writing a thoughtful, completely from-the-heart greeting card doesn't mean you have to reinvent the wheel. There's a proven formula you can use to make the card writing process plug and play!

  1. Greeting. This part is easy! Write 'Dear [Name],' 'Hey [Name]' or another salutation that feels natural to you.

  2. Purpose of the Card. Come right out with the main reason that you're writing. Sometimes this will be "Happy 40th birthday!" or "Thank you for ...."... but it could also be as simple as "I miss you!"

  3. Expand. This is the best part. Here's your opportunity to say something concrete. You could include a shared memory you have, something you learned recently, something that made you think of your friend, a reason you're grateful for your friend, etc. 

  4. Look to the future. This is your opportunity to put out a wish or a hope for your friend for the future. It could be something like, "I can't wait to celebrate together this summer." or "I'm sending all my best wishes for lots of puppy cuddles and successful baking adventures!"

  5. Sign off. This is where you wrap things up. Sign off with something like, "Love, Lauren" or "Your friend, Lauren".

Final touches.

You've written your letter! Yay. Now it's time for some final touches.

First, and most importantly, check spelling! Don't undercut your message by misspelling the person's name, for example (this happens all the time to my sister, for example – her name is Jacquie but even close friends/family will write 'Jackie'. Not a huge deal but also can so easily be prevented!).

Here are 2 other optional (but fun!) extra touches:

  • Consider adding a P.S. - it could be anything... an inside joke, something to make them smile. Whatever! 
  • Consider putting something in the card. A polaroid photo, a sticker, a newspaper/magazine clipping, confetti!? 🎉 So unexpected and delightful.

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Happy card writing!


Photos by Hallie Kathryn Photography